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The Otis Medical Assist Chair has the power to transform the lives of all people suffering with musculoskeletal disorders. The chair enables freedom of mobility while promoting accelerated rehabilitation and independence.

Musculoskeletal disorders are an increasing healthcare issue globally and one of the leading causes of disability. For patients suffering with musculoskeletal disorders, a stay in hospital or a visit to the doctor can be extremely painful, and the cost of treatment quickly escalates to exorbitant levels. In addition, these patients are at risk of further complications arising from their conditions due to lack of mobility, as in many cases, patients are unable to stand up or walk without assistance or the aid of a care giver. Lengthy periods of being confined to a bed could also lead to loss of muscle mass and pressure sores, which in turn requires further treatment or an extended stay in the facility.

Solutions like 24-hour caregivers are prohibitively expensive and only a privileged few are able to afford this. There are also risks associated with this solution, as patients can become wholly dependant on nurses, hampering rehabilitation and prolonging recovery. There is also risk of additional injuries as continuous lifting could lead to soft tissue and muscular injury to the arms and shoulders and possible dislocation or fracturing of bones around the shoulder joint, which may require hospitalisation or even surgery.

Now, the Otis Medical Assist Chair, the perfect lift up chair, is providing a far more affordable and practical solution to increasing mobility. The Otis Medical Assist Chair , the perfect lift up chair, easily adjusts to multiple positions for a wide range of functionality that provides patients with independence and most importantly, freedom of mobility, by effortlessly lifting a person from a sitting to a standing position.

In the social ultra comfort position, patients are able to interact with family members, watch television and be included in family activities. In the fully reclined position the Otis Medical Assist Chair transforms into a comfortable bed, allowing for relaxation or a well deserved daytime nap. In the pulmonary assist position, the Otis Medical Assist Chair helps with pulmonary disorders such as emphysema, asthma or bronchitis. This position also helps with breathing during treatments such as nebulisation.

The most important function that promotes freedom of mobility is the osteo-assist position. The simple to use remote control allows the chair to lift up the patient to a standing position. The Otis Medical Assist Chair clearly has significant value in helping people suffering with musculoskeletal disorders to improve their health, level of comfort, independence and overall quality of life. Being able to stand up permits freedom of mobility, which contributes to rehabilitation by enabling exercise, decreasing the risk of secondary infections, reducing anxiety and depression, increasing self-esteem and confidence and allowing patients to maintain their dignity through their illness by being able to do basic things, such as getting to the bathroom or toilet, by themselves.

With its sturdy and robust design, the OTIS Medical Assist Chair, the perfect lift up chair, is extremely comfortable and all models have a load capacity of one hundred and thirty kilograms, and the remote control is designed for ease of use, and is equipped with a convenient charging port.

Freedom of mobility and dignity in independence is the best gift you can give to a loved one, the perfect lift up chair, so get your Otis Medical Assist Chair today.