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Otis Medical Chair

“The perfect lift up chair”

Do you or someone close to you suffer from arthritis or from some other affliction related to the musculoskeletal system? Do you or someone you love, struggle to walk, or don't even have the ability to stand up? These illnesses are extremely painful and thousands of people can’t afford the necessary equipment and treatment that can help alleviate their pain or improve their condition.

Most people have no choice but to live with this pain, which only gets worse over time. For family members that have to helplessly stand by and watch a loved one go through this, the experience is heart breaking, especially if the patient is a parent or another immediate family member who suffers for years before they pass away. But now, there is an affordable solution ,“the perfect lift up chair”, that can help alleviate the pain, promote exercise, help maintain muscle mass and aid rehabilitation of these patients. The OTIS Medical Assist Chair helps lift a patient from a seated position to a standing position, thus allowing for freedom of mobility and ease of rehabilitation.

OTIS Medical Assist Chair, “the perfect lift up chair”, the best gift you can give to a loved one.